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How Excellent Oral Health Can Set Your Child Up for Success!

August 3, 2022

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Child at dentist

All parents want their children to succeed in life, and that starts with doing well in school. Doing so helps to give them a head start once they reach adulthood. Numerous factors play a role in your child’s academic success, but one thing that you may not think about is their oral health. The healthier your child’s smile is, the more likely they are to earn good grades. Read on to learn why this is the case and what you can do to ensure that your kids maintain healthy smiles.


3 Popular Trends That Are Bad for Teeth

July 20, 2022

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Activated charcoal, one of the popular trends that are bad for your teeth

When you consider harmful trends, you might think of social media stunts. You know, “viral” things like the Tide Pod Challenge, the cinnamon challenge, or the choking game. Maybe your mind goes to the pranks performed by Johnny Knoxville. However, did you know there are popular trends that are bad for your teeth? Some DIY health items can increase the risks to your oral health. Your Marion dentist, though, is here to keep your mouth safe. Read on to learn three current health trends that hurt your pearly whites.


Here are 3 Cosmetic Dental Treatments Perfect for Summer

June 7, 2022

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Beautiful woman in a straw hat

Now that summer is here, you may be getting ready for vacations and other activities. Pool parties, beachside tanning — you can have all sorts of fun in the sun! However, you may need to ensure your pearly whites are ready for these things too. After all, you wouldn’t want to show off chipped, yellow teeth. Fortunately, your dentist in Marion is here to help. Read on to learn three cosmetic dental treatments that’ll give you the best possible summer smile!


Tips for Preventing Dental Emergencies During Summer Vacation

May 3, 2022

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People enjoying summer vacation on a beach.

There is no opportune time for dental emergencies. In fact, they often happen when it’s least convenient and can be quite frustrating, especially if one unfolds during your summer vacation! But luckily, there are many preventive measures you can take to reduce the chances of experiencing a serious problem that will derail your fun! Here are five tips from your dentist to help you prevent a dental emergency this summer.


What You Need to Know About Oral Cancer

April 3, 2022

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Oral cancer screening.

Oral cancer is no joke; according to the American Cancer Society, this serious disease claims over 11,000 lives annually—and affects many more! Despite the constant advancements in science and healthcare, oral cancer has no true cure; and many people receive a late diagnosis that makes treatment very difficult and complicated. However, there are many warning signs and risks factors associated with oral cancer, and a little knowledge and prevention can go a long way towards protecting your smile and overall health. Keep reading to learn more.


Tips to Give Your Teeth a Spring Cleaning

March 4, 2022

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electric toothbrush

There were actually three U.S. presidents to take office in 1841: Martin Van Buren, William Harrison, and John Tyler. This would only happen one more time – in 1881. In perhaps less significant 1841 news, the first-known use of the term “spring cleaning” occurred. Conveniently for a dental blog post, the place where said cleaning is occurring can be your mouth! Spring is a great time to dust off the cobwebs and seek a fresh start. Your oral health isn’t too far removed from what is likely its most difficult time of the year – the holiday season – and a teeth cleaning could be just what the doctor (or dentist) ordered. Keep reading to get some helpful tips from your dentist in Marion.


Is There a Relation Between Gum Disease & Heart Health?

February 4, 2022

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man exercising and smiling in Marion

Are you trying out the latest workout routines in your spare time? How about munching on the newest diet trends? Since it’s Heart Health Month, you’re probably thinking of ways to improve your overall well-being. Another practice for maintaining good heart health is to keep your teeth clean. The reason why it’s so important: to avoid gum disease. Read on to learn from your dentist in Marion the connection between gum disease and keeping your heart healthy!


3 Diet Trends That Can Harm Your Oral Health

January 6, 2022

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person following diet trends by drinking fresh juice

When scrolling through social media, you saw that one of your favorite influencers is on a new diet. They claim that it has all these amazing benefits, so you’re thinking about trying it yourself. Though some diets may be beneficial in helping you sleep better, reducing your body weight, or feeling more energized, not all of them are good for your smile. To help you avoid damaging your pearly whites on your journey towards better overall wellbeing, here are three diet trends that are bad news for your oral health.


5 New Year’s Resolutions to Benefit Your Smile

December 30, 2021

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New Year's Eve

There is no better time than the beginning of the new year to get started with some more wholesome lifestyle habits. Whether you are looking to eat more vegetables, spend a full 8 hours sleeping each night, or meditate every morning, you are taking a step to better your life. As for your dental health, there are always additional steps that you can take to improve. Here are a few New Year’s resolutions that can help you to keep your smile healthy in 2022.


Preventive Dental Care Now Means Less Trouble Later

November 4, 2021

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man in dental chair illustration

You’ve seen those people who live on the coast take the smart approach when they find out that a hurricane is coming. They board up all the windows of their homes and businesses and stack sandbags in front of points of entry. These people are trying to take measures now to prevent damage later.

You can do the same thing for your oral health. While the proverbial hurricane may not be as easy for you to see coming, once you suffer tooth loss or develop periodontal disease, the storm is at your doorstep.

Keep reading to learn about the importance of preventive dentistry from your dentist in Marion to benefit from the early detection of oral health problems.

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