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Dental Implants – Marion, OH

The Most Advanced Tooth Replacement Option Available

Did you know that as many as 120 million Americans have missing teeth? While this statistic is surely unfortunate, what’s not unfortunate is the fact that modern dentistry has come up with a solution to not only restore your smile’s appearance, but their function, strength, and stability too. Dental implants in Marin, OH do not sit on top of the gums; instead, they are designed to firmly integrate with your existing bone tissue via small yet sturdy titanium posts. These act as tooth roots, allowing you to replace any number of teeth at a time. At Cross Creek Dental Care, our dentists can both place and restore your missing teeth with dental implants. You can learn more about the process by giving our dental office a call today!

Why Choose Cross Creek Dental Care for Dental Implants?

  • Entire Process Completed In-House for Your Convenience
  • Active Member of Implant Group “Excellence in Dentistry”
  • Professional and Experienced Dentist with 30 Years of Practice

Benefits of Dental Implants

It’s important to keep in mind that dental implants replace the entire tooth, which includes the root. This means you can expect benefits that you cannot obtain from other treatments.

  • Reliability: There’s never any worry of your tooth replacement shifting out of place when eating food or speaking to family.
  • Improved Confidence: After your implant is placed, a natural-looking, custom-made, porcelain crown is placed on top. This crown is designed to blend in exactly with your existing teeth.
  • Preservation of the Jaw: It’s quite common for the bone to begin breaking down once teeth have been lost. This can effectively damage the foundation in which your teeth rely on permanently, as well as the remaining teeth. You may also notice wrinkles begin to form sooner than expected. When an implant is placed, it stimulates the jawbone and encourages the growth of healthy tissue where it’s needed.
  • Easy to Maintain: Keeping implants clean is as simple as brushing and flossing them daily.
  • Long-Lasting: Dental implants typically last 30 years and longer when properly taken care of, but they often last a lifetime. This is much longer than a traditional bridge or denture, which typically last 5 to 7 years.

Indications for Dental Implants

Closeup of smile with missing tooth

Our dentists can create a treatment plan that works for you, whether you’re missing single, multiple or all the teeth in your smile. Consider your options below:

Missing Single Tooth

An implant is placed in between two healthy teeth, then a porcelain crown is placed on top. Since nearby teeth don’t have to be reshaped to hold restorations, you can preserve more of your natural tooth structure, which is always more ideal and not something you can do if you pursue dental bridges.

Missing Multiple Teeth

If you need a bridge or partial denture, you can easily have it customized to fit on top of dental implants, effectively replacing consecutive or nonconsecutive missing teeth. Keep in mind that dental implants ensure your restorations feel more secure and stable, making their use easier in the long-term.

Missing All Teeth

If your denture doesn’t stay in place, a series of four to six dental implants offers a more stable foundation for your full or partial denture. On top of that, the restoration itself is smaller, leaving far more room inside the mouth. This makes it easier to not just taste the foods you enjoy, but speak with improved clarity.

Start-to-Finish Convenience

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Our dentists are fully capable of placing and restoring dental implants thanks to their many decades of experience and training in implant dentistry. They can both surgically place dental implants inside of the jaw and attach teeth to those implants. This is in stark contrast to what most dentists do, which is refer patients out to an offsite dental office to have the surgical portion performed. When you visit Cross Creek Dental Care, you don’t have to visit multiple specialists just to have one treatment completed.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

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When it comes to dental implant treatment, every patient is going to have their own set of needs. This means certain factors, including the number of implants placed, the restoration used to cover the implants, and the location of the implants will all affect your total cost. During your consultation, we’ll go over these costs in more detail to keep you informed. As a long-term investment, dental implants are generally more expensive than more traditional tooth replacements. They lasts several decades, which means you’ll save more money compared to other methods which will inevitably require repairs and replacements.