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Our Commitment To Safety
Dentist showing digital dental x-rays on tablet computer

Dental Technology – Marion, OH

How Technology Helps Us Provide Better Care

As the years go by, dental technology only continues to change the lives of both dentists and their patients alike. Over time, Cross Creek Dental Care makes sure to stay on top of these technologies and only incorporate devices that actually improve your dental care experience. It’s just another part of how we provide such highly personalized care. To learn more about the technologies we use to improve treatment planning, inform patients, and ensure better outcomes, keep reading!

Intraoral Cameras

Dentist capturing intraoral images

This small, handheld device is equipped with a small camera that is housed in the very tip. If you’ve ever wondered what your dentist sees during exams, an intraoral camera makes that process much easier to complete. As we examine your mouth, we’ll capture multiple photos of your many oral structures and show them to you on a nearby monitor. This allows us to show you a clearer picture of your current oral health status and better describe why you made need a certain treatment.

Digital X-Rays

Dental x-rays on tablet computer

Unlike traditional X-rays, digital versions are much easier to capture and do not emit nearly as much radiation in the process. In fact, patients can expect an 80 percent reduction in radiation exposure by going digital. Collecting X-rays of your many oral structures takes only a few minutes to complete, allows us to create more tailored treatment plans, and helps us catch underlying dental issues invisible to the naked eye.