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Replace Missing Teeth – Marion, OH

Multiple Solutions for Tooth Loss

It’s no surprise that having single or multiple missing teeth can be incredibly stressful for just about anyone. Speaking certain words can feel impossible, ordering food with friends can make you feel embarrassed, and smiling might even be entirely out of the question. The good news is our dentists are prepared to offer many solutions for multiple missing teeth. At Cross Creek Dental Care, we offer bridges, dentures, and dental implants to renew your bite and make smiling easy again. If you’re not sure which tooth replacement is right for you, give our dental office a call to schedule a consultation!

Why Choose Cross Creek Dental Care for Tooth Replacement?

  • Implant Placement Available In-House
  • Friendly Dentist and Team Members in Modern Dental Office Environment
  • Natural-Looking Materials Ensure Lifelike Restorations

Dental Bridges

In order to place a dental bridge, we utilize existing teeth to anchor the overall restoration. This method is ideal for replacing one or more missing consecutive teeth in a row. To create the restoration, a series of dental crowns are fused together, with the crowns on either end being hollowed out so they can be affixed to minorly modified natural teeth. This effectively fills the gap in your smile and ensures that your bridge has a long-lasting and stable hold. After all is said and done, smiling, eating and speaking will feel seamless.


If you’re missing most of your teeth on opposite sides of your mouth or even all the teeth in your smile, a custom-made denture can make all the difference. Our dentists will go over your needs in great detail and create a denture designed to fit your smile comfortably, all while looking incredibly natural. Each denture our dental office makes is made with lifelike acrylic and porcelain materials, ensuring that it remains durable for many years. Not only can our dental office create traditional dentures that are removable, but we can also create dentures that affix to dental implants.

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Dental Implants

Dentures and bridges both rely on existing teeth and the shape of your mouth to stay in place. They also rest on top of the gums rather than address the disappearing bone tissue underneath them. With dental implants, your new teeth are directly integrated with your existing jawbone through titanium tooth roots. Because of this integration, your replacement teeth are provided at the same level of strength as your natural teeth. On top of that, they are truly indistinguishable from real teeth in terms of their esthetics. It’s truly the best form of tooth replacement currently available today next to getting your natural teeth back. Thanks to our dentists'’s expertise, you can have this treatment performed all under one roof!

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