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Root Canal Therapy – Marion, OH

Why You Have Nothing to Fear

If you’re dealing with a very severe toothache right now and it seems to only be getting worse, then it’s possible that an infection is present inside the inner area of your tooth. If this is the case, root canal therapy is the only way to resolve the situation outside of extracting the tooth outright. Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy in Marion, OH is actually quite painless. Furthermore, our dentists have performed it many times in order to get patients out of pain, and most importantly, save your natural tooth. If you want to stop the pain, give us a call to get started with Cross Creek Dental Care!

Why Choose Cross Creek Dental Care for Root Canal Therapy?

  • Comfortable Care Ensured via Advanced Technology
  • Patients In Pain Can Schedule Same-Day Appointments
  • Friendly Team and Dentist That Listens to Your Concerns

What Does a Root Canal Actually Entail?

If a tooth has developed an infection in the pulp, which is where the nerve of the tooth lies, a root canal is needed to remove that infection and clean the tooth of all bacteria. To start, one of our dentists numb the mouth of all feeling to ensure comfort, then creates a small hole in the top portion of the tooth. This allows them to access the inner area of the tooth and remove the diseased and damaged pulp. Next, they clean and sanitize the tooth and close it with a filling known as gutta percha. After treatment, which typically takes just one appointment, you should start to feel relief right away. Once completed, the tooth should both look and function normally once again.